Friday, July 15, 2005

My Favorite Cows

Ent they cunnin'? Belted Galloways relaxing in their pasture last weekend. This is my very favorite breed of cow, and though I'll admit I know almost nothing about cows except that milk comes from them, seeing these always makes me smile. And now the Guilt sets in as I recall that we saw these on the way home from Lowe's with our new gas grill, and suppertime saw me grilling some distant relative of theirs in the form of bratwurst and bockwurst...

In a few hours' time Keith and I leave on a potentially major stash/inventory acquisition trip. My aunt & uncle's neighbor passed away a few weeks ago, leaving behind an unbelievable stash. She bequeathed it to a friend who took what she wanted, but was overwhelmed by the rest, which will all be up for grabs at an estate sale...tomorrow. We will be driving most of the night to get there, but I suspect it will be well worth it. I've seen pictures. The sheer beauty of the woman's organizational skills is enough to make me weep.

My aunt has been helping organize for the sale and is picking up a piece of equipment for me today. More details about that when it's actually in my possession, will be a real asset to my design business, I think.

Anyone want a Bond Incredible Sweater Machine to mess around with, cheap? I bought it used, and the two of us unfortunately did not "bond" [ark, ark]. First fifty bucks takes it. (I've seen them at AC Moore for $150 recently.) If you are local (i.e. from my knitting and/or spinning group) I will bring it to you. If you need it mailed, I have to charge shipping and will let you know the exact cost by Monday morning.

Shoot, I have a lot to do before I hit the road, but am looking forward to Tuesday night at Su's. I was bummed to miss it this week, but family stuff intervened, and by the time I got supper on the table...too late. [sigh]

Work continues smoothly on the latest Aran project. Pics next time, as my camera battery is charging right now.

Have been digging Cindy's movie quiz. Sometimes I get 'em, and sometimes I don't, but it's always fun to see the answers, even if a particular quote mystifies me.

Note to Judy...PLEEZ send me your mailing address so I can pay you for the hostas? We planted them and they are already looking gorgeous and HAPPY. Keith was thrilled with them.

Happy fibering, folks! Be good while I'm gone. [wink]