Thursday, April 28, 2005

Larry's New Opal Socks Posted by Hello

New Opal Socks!

Well, I finished 'em. These are just washed, still drying, and I'm not sure but what they might be too small for Larry! Thanks goodness I have a second ball of this yarn, so I can do another pair if need be, and keep this pair for myself.

The day marches forward, though, and still I have managed little more than breakfast for the dogs and myself, and a shower for me. I guess I'd better wind some more skeins. Also, I'm due to pen a newlsetter for my customers, so people know I'm Still Out Here with nice yarns.

I've had a lot of fun dyeing some of my yarns lately, and hope someday to be as accomplished at this as Judy and Su. It amazes me, what these two ladies can do with multiple colors! I aspire, but continue just doing single colors for now.

I think I'm gonna get busy on Seamus' sweater again for awhile, and hopefully some inspiration will hit me for tonight's supper while I'm working.

Have started some flowers for the garden in those funky little peat pots, in hopes of defeating my "black thumb" for once and for all. I'm even going to gamble on some tomatoes, and will plant those seeds as soon as the peat pots have finished expanding to full size. I have such a nice, sunny back deck which at the moment only gets used for drying clothes. It might be an ideal place for tomatoes in containers, if I can just remember to water them once they are in those containers...

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mad Angel & "The Kids."

Kewl. As y'all can see, I done figgered out how to do this here picture thang. 'Bout f****n' time, eh???

Well, at least I don't feel so STOOPIT now. [grin]

Back to work on Seamus' Aran sweater now. I looked it over carefully while the kids were at choir practice and discovered that I don't have as much left to do as I thought! I'm within 7 rows of completing the second sleeve, and within 17 rows of the front neck decreases! O, happy day! Maybe by this time next week, there will be a picture of the finished garment...

Mad Angel & "The Kids." Posted by Hello

This is a Test...sort of...

OK, Cindy and Su, I'm trying my hand at this and will see how it goes...

I should be winding skeins. I should be organizing new listings.

However, I'm here typing instead as I wait on hold for the orthodontist to tell me when they can possibly squeeze Phoebe in. She was just in to have a couple of brackets replaced yesterday, and within minutes of arriving back at home, having put nothing whatsoever into her mouth food or drinkwise, the two new brackets had fallen off and were dangling by their wires. [sigh] So now we have an emergency trip to South Attleboro to look forward to. The Chepachet office is not open today.

So go my days lately, Murphy's Law all the way. No wonder it's hard to get anything done!

She has to be there at 10:20 AM, and I'm hardly put together yet. Maybe I'll have a chance to add more to this later....

mad angel

Back again, albeit briefly...I can't figure out how to upload pics! I've tried using "Hello," but it's all Greek to me. Every time I tried to upload a photo, a window came up telling me I would have to download "Hello" first. I did that, but the site is acting like I didn't. I need to get away from this machine now....

Still haven't figured out how to upload pics properly, but just found out that Phoebe got accepted to the RISD pre-college program for this summer as an illustration major. Illustration was her first choice, so I'm really happy for her, but oh, my achin' WALLET!!!!

As for the picture uploads, tomorrow is another day...[sigh]