Sunday, June 10, 2007

About 20 years ago...

Actually, it's more like 22 years ago, that I worked in a crappy little record store in West St. Paul, Minnesota. There was this annoying assistant manager who was useless as tits on a bull, BUT in retrospect I have to admit that he was good for something after all.

This all started with my signing up for Rhapsody about a week ago. I was heading back to work and knew I would be completely lost without my mp3 player properly stoked up with tunes. For a modest monthly fee, I can get unlimited downloads of all sorts of stuff. I just can't burn copies of anything unless I buy the tracks. OK, fine. I use the mp3 player everywhere, even in the car. As long as I stay subscribed, I get to keep what I download. Tres cool. I have been revisiting music I haven't heard in 22 years.

But back to my useless assistant manager.

He was a fan of a local musician who had just released his first album. Who knew I would fall in love with that album the way I did?

I lost the cassette copy I made a long time ago, and I had almost forgotten about it. Then last night as I was scoring tunes by the Yardbirds and Traffic, I remembered Paul Metsa . His first album, Paper Tigers, has just been re-released on CD. Rhapsody has it, along with a couple of his other releases. I feel like I've gotten a hug from a long-lost friend, and not only that, I have an opportunity to catch up with his most recent work!

The link will take you to his page on CD Baby. There are audio samples. Check him out, you won't be sorry.

There are now seven parts of Doubtful Sound up on the website. Just updated yesterday, so if you've been waiting with bated breath...

Well, a writer can fantasize, can't s/he????

I've been spinning on my Golding spindle, but haven't felt much like knitting lately. I seem to go in phases. C'est la guerre!

Friday, June 08, 2007

New look!

Well, it's very cool that blogspot now lets me customize my blog so it's more "me," and so the text is large enough and visible enough for people to read! The older these eyes get, the harder it is to read small print, and many of my friends are in the same boat. Hope this makes the blog a little more pleasant for everyone.

The new header is an old pic of me. I was all of 6 or 7, I guess, and at that age, this is what I thought Tchaicovsky looked like. If he did, no wonder people had interesting ideas about him...

I'm a little bummed now 'cause my mother is pulling a lot of nonsense with me, and the trouble is, I'm not sure if she really is confused all the time, or if she's yanking my chain. She has been a great manipulator in the past, so I don't trust her. On the one hand, she cannot/will not keep any of the details straight regarding her medications and tests, is still balking about eating, will not bathe, will not gently exercise by walking as the doctor wants her to. in spite of all that, she thinks she is perfectly competent to drive and wants her car back. It's getting difficult enough that I finally put a call through to her doctor today and told her what's been going on. As regards the driving, the doctor is behind me 100%. Ma is mad as a hornet. I don't give the proverbial rat's posterior. If I put her back behind the wheel and she kills someone, that will be on my head for the rest of my life. I'm not willing to take that on. There's enough stuff in my life I sweat bullets about, without adding that to the picture.

Actually, I suppose saying I'm a little bummed is a gross understatement. I'm mad as hell, actually, because she is throwing away her chance for a good last few years of life with both hands. There's no excuse for it, as she came through her bypass surgery extraordinarily well. Better, in fact, than anyone, even the surgeon, had any right to hope. I've been trying very hard to be a good daughter and help her out with stuff, but it's all met with ingratitude and hostility. Also, I hear more and more frequently that she believes my sister and I made her go through with the surgery. She has said it to me, my sister, and also to various medical professionals, right in front of me. And it is a blatant lie! We encouraged her to have the surgery, in hopes that she would start feeling better physically, and that the general feeling of well-being might enable her to have some quality of life in her twilight years.

So much for that.

She has wanted to die since my father passed in 1983, and I believe that the only reason she signed on the dotted line was because she thought it would be her ticket out. She'd go to sleep and not wake up again.

So much for that.

I'm tired of bashing my head against the wall. I want to run, far and fast, and never look back.

I feel like the only way I'll ever be free of this burden is if she dies, or I die.

This sucks.

Time to listen to some Rory Gallagher again. At least when he is playing and singing, I don't feel so alone...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Kick-Ass Blues!

I must say, I just adore You Tube! Some folks post the best darn stuff. This one is from the German program, Rockpalast, circa 1978. Live jam session -- off the cuff with no prior rehearsal! Frankie Miller is even more obscure in the States than Rory Gallagher. Who would know he's a Glaswegian, listening to that voice? Fact is you can't tell until he speaks at the end of the song. After seeing this video a few years back, I went on a quest to acquire as many of Frankie's CDs as could find. At the time, they were mostly out of print and I paid waaaaay too much for them. Good news is, many have been re-released, with bonus tracks!

Frankie Milller and Rory Gallagher

To learn more about Frankie, check out The Official Frankie Miller Website. It's a pretty incredible story.

No knitting content today. I'm between projects and have been spindling. I think I've become an addict...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

People are STOOPIT!!!!

Well, some are, anyway. Stupid and vile. I am talking about the disgusting stunt Mark MaccGowan and Yoko Ono pulled this week, allegedly as a vegetarian protest against fox hunting.

Yes, folks, to draw the world's attention to the cruelty of fox-hunting, and to piss off the Royal Family, they cooked and ate a Corgi.

It boggles the mind! I wonder if they have any idea how many Corgi lovers are ready to kill them at worst, or at best, send them recipes and the main ingredient for Corgi-poop casseroles?

I found the man's e-mail addres and sent the following note. He may never read it, but at least I spoke my piece.


Mr. Mac Gowan:

I hope you realize that your recent gourmet adventure did little to promote awareness of the cruelty of fox hunting. Rather, you have inspired a world full of Corgi lovers to despise you and wish you much ill. That the Corgi in question was already dead is kind of moot, don't you think?

Corgis are wonderful, lively little dogs, loyal companions, captivating, and funny. I have three myself, and do not know what I would do without them. After reading about your stunt yesterday, you can be sure there were hugs and skritches for them, and more than a few tears. If someone had done this to one of MY Corgis, "blinding urge to kill" would not even begin to touch upon how I would feel!

Have you ever owned a pet yourself? A beloved childhood dog, perhaps? And what if your mum had decided that, instead of burying your loyal, loving companion, you would have it for dinner. I mean, it's meat, good source of protein, waste not, want not.

I continue to be utterly horror-struck, and I am not thinking about fox-hunting. I honestly wish I could throttle you, but think I will go and hug my Corgis instead.

With hostile regards,

An American Corgi Lover


As for Yoko...she can't sing worth a damn. If not for John Lennon, she'd have vanished in obscurity.

God rot their Corgi-eating souls!

Mr. Finnegan says: "Hey, Mark and Yoko, I'm hungry, and I think your livers would be tasty stewed with apples, onions, and a few spices..."

Friday, June 01, 2007

For sale!

I've been busy playing with felting! The first two bags were knitted up from my hand-dyed yarn. The spring green one is Olivine, while the brown one is Autumn Leaves. The third is Cascade 220. All yarns felted beautifully! Also, I had the opportunity to really test the colorfastness of my dyework. The felting process would have revealed problems, if there were any, and I am pleased to report that there were none. I hope these little bags will sell well, beacuse they are awfully fun to make, and the possibilities for color schemes are endless!

Click HERE to view the listing for this bag.

Click HERE to view the listing for this bag.

Click HERE to view the listing for this bag.
Free shipping on all of these, no matter where in the world you are!