Saturday, June 02, 2007

People are STOOPIT!!!!

Well, some are, anyway. Stupid and vile. I am talking about the disgusting stunt Mark MaccGowan and Yoko Ono pulled this week, allegedly as a vegetarian protest against fox hunting.

Yes, folks, to draw the world's attention to the cruelty of fox-hunting, and to piss off the Royal Family, they cooked and ate a Corgi.

It boggles the mind! I wonder if they have any idea how many Corgi lovers are ready to kill them at worst, or at best, send them recipes and the main ingredient for Corgi-poop casseroles?

I found the man's e-mail addres and sent the following note. He may never read it, but at least I spoke my piece.


Mr. Mac Gowan:

I hope you realize that your recent gourmet adventure did little to promote awareness of the cruelty of fox hunting. Rather, you have inspired a world full of Corgi lovers to despise you and wish you much ill. That the Corgi in question was already dead is kind of moot, don't you think?

Corgis are wonderful, lively little dogs, loyal companions, captivating, and funny. I have three myself, and do not know what I would do without them. After reading about your stunt yesterday, you can be sure there were hugs and skritches for them, and more than a few tears. If someone had done this to one of MY Corgis, "blinding urge to kill" would not even begin to touch upon how I would feel!

Have you ever owned a pet yourself? A beloved childhood dog, perhaps? And what if your mum had decided that, instead of burying your loyal, loving companion, you would have it for dinner. I mean, it's meat, good source of protein, waste not, want not.

I continue to be utterly horror-struck, and I am not thinking about fox-hunting. I honestly wish I could throttle you, but think I will go and hug my Corgis instead.

With hostile regards,

An American Corgi Lover


As for Yoko...she can't sing worth a damn. If not for John Lennon, she'd have vanished in obscurity.

God rot their Corgi-eating souls!

Mr. Finnegan says: "Hey, Mark and Yoko, I'm hungry, and I think your livers would be tasty stewed with apples, onions, and a few spices..."

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