Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Kick-Ass Blues!

I must say, I just adore You Tube! Some folks post the best darn stuff. This one is from the German program, Rockpalast, circa 1978. Live jam session -- off the cuff with no prior rehearsal! Frankie Miller is even more obscure in the States than Rory Gallagher. Who would know he's a Glaswegian, listening to that voice? Fact is you can't tell until he speaks at the end of the song. After seeing this video a few years back, I went on a quest to acquire as many of Frankie's CDs as could find. At the time, they were mostly out of print and I paid waaaaay too much for them. Good news is, many have been re-released, with bonus tracks!

Frankie Milller and Rory Gallagher

To learn more about Frankie, check out The Official Frankie Miller Website. It's a pretty incredible story.

No knitting content today. I'm between projects and have been spindling. I think I've become an addict...

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