Thursday, February 23, 2006

Birthday Blahs

It's that time again. The Birthday. I swear, the only time it doesn't wig me out is when I can keep myself thoroughly and totally distracted. I'm fine the day before and the day after, but on the day itself? Blecchh. I am playing hooky from choir tonight because I simply do not feel fit for human consumption. Will probably spin for a bit, then retire to bed with the latest John Irving novel, Until I Find You. It arrived in my mailbox yesterday -- excellent timing!

I'm really looking forward to spinning at Sue's on Saturday, just having a hard time deciding what to bring. I got some luscious new fiber from her shop on Tuesday night, and think I'd like to give one of those a whirl. However, I suppose it all depends on which wheel I bring. I'm thinking it's high time I really made friends with the little Lithuanian wheel I bought last winter. Merino roving perhaps isn't the best thing to attempt on this feisty little double drive wheel. Maybe I'll mess with it a bit tonight and see.

However, for sheer portability and production speed, I really can't beat the Roberta. Maybe I'll just bring that and Be Good, i.e. -- ply some more singles for dyeing and resale.

See the latest completed project
here. This is the fabled Aran creation I've been babbling about off and on since June. I'm happy with it, and so is my friend Ann, the recipient. What a journey this project was, but well worth it.

I need to go spin and then cuddle with the Wookies. I know I should be happy and grateful for every age milestone I pass, but right now I just want it to pass so I can get over these blues and blahs already.

44. Sheesh!

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cindy said...

Happy Birthday to you!Happy Birthday to you!Happy Birthday to dear Paula! Happy Birthday to you!

Love your aran sweaters always!