Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So, we went to Maine again this past weekend. Guess it's really spring now, though it didn't feel like it. These sheep were in a field somewhere on the way to Deer Isle, right on Route 15, and I would have gotten closer to them if not for the dratted sprained ankle and a steep ditch I did not want to risk with the afore-mentioned ankle. I could hear the little lambies baa-ing in their funny little voices, and caught a few glimpses of the "mama give me some tittie" head butting. Too cute!

Sadly, the closer I got with my camera, the faster the sheep dispersed, in a neat little line, all of them heading back to the barn and away from the strange creature that kept insisting on talking to them. [sigh] I suspect that if I ever do find my dream hovel, hopefully with a nice parcel of land attached, I might just have to have a couple of sheep...

This is a night view of Stonington Harbor, which my husband must have taken from the deck of our room at the Inn on the Harbor while I was asleep. I don't know exactly what it is about this place, but I keep returning to it time and time again, and when we try to go someplace else for rest and relaxation, we just feel homesick for Stonington the whole time. We have been going up for stolen weekends for about 3 years now, and each time the ride up seems shorter, the place feels more like home, and it gets harder and harder to leave when our time is up. The ocean is right outside our window when the tide is in, and the mudflats and seaweed are there to study, too, when the tide is out. In either case, it's beautiful. This weekend, there was one loon floating around in the water among the seagulls, and I heard it giggling as if hearing the greatest joke ever written. What an unearthly sound! I was lucky to hear it a few times.

Of course, I knitted. The cranberry Ringwood sweater is almost done. It just needs a few more rows on the collar, the buttons sewed on, and a washing. I expect it will go to its recipient no later than Sunday. Then I get to start the next project, which is one of the reasons for my visit to Stonington.

Over the years of staying at the Inn on the Harbor, we have gotten to know the innkeeper, Christina, quite well. She wants a sweater, so one part of my stay included a consultation about designs and yarns. This one will be another Aran in a hand-plied lavender heather, and will feature some favorite motifs and my signature medieval neck treatment. I will be doing the math for this project in the next few days and starting sometime over the weekend, I hope. In the interim I might knock off a pair of wristers in some Noro yarn I couldn't resist while out shopping today.

In addition to the Aran for Christina, I have a basic plan going for a Stonington Gansey. That one, I think, will be for me. But I must finish my commissions first!

An amusing and to me, flattering note. I showed Christina many patterns from "she who must not be named," and she said she preferred something of my own design! The textured sweaters "she who must not be named" has designed over the years have been a great source of inspiration to me, so hats off to her! I wouldn't be where I am now without her. And someday, I just know that more of her patterns are in my knitting future, for my own personal wardrobe.

Off to finish Ringwood!

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