Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Spot the Whimsy

This is some mystery wool I did up on my drum carder. Not content to keep it simple, I got silly and added something fun. Can you see it?
Here's the whole skein spun up. 4 ounces of 2-ply, so close to 200 yards I could say, a la Maxwell Smart, "Missed it by...that much..." Its hand is a bit on the crispy side, partly because the wool is VERY "rustic," and partly because I couldn't get all those blasted North Ronaldsay sheep's guard hairs off the carder completely, and gave up. I'm thinking socks, perhaps.
Now, here's a close-up shot of that skein. Whimsy is fairly obvious here, in the form of purple angelina. Fun, fun, fun!
But not half as fun as this. One batt of Enchanted Knoll Farm's "Vardo." I spun it as a 2-ply and got 210 yards from the 2 ounce batt.
Here's the batt and the bit of sin I spun it on. Yes, another Ledbetter, purchased at MA Sheep & Wool, just minutes before I bought the Vardo batts.I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I am SUCH a sucker for Ken's fabulous spindles. Can't get enough!

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Knitman said...

gorgeous yarns! You make me jealous.