Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well-deserved Decadence

After years of lusting after one with nearly all my heart and soul, I finally took the plunge. I bought a chaise. It arrived on Thursday, and I have no regrets. It is every bit as wonderful as any chaise I have enjoyed in hotels and the homes of friends. It is mine, mine, MINE, and no arse but mine will come near it, unless the owner of said arse is very, very nice to me. Obsequious, even. I plan to do a great deal of knitting and writing in this locale.I'm working on the Bookworm Vest from Folk Vests, for a friend of the First-born's. So far it's a nice project, though not too exciting stitch-wise. Luckily, the First-born's friend takes the smallest size. I'm using Webs' Valley Yarns Northampton, which I hear was recently recommended by the Yarn Harlot. I didn't know at the time that it was a new fave of hers. It's now one of mine, too. Nice stuff, nice colors, good yardage, and a most pleasing price.
Here's Roisin Dubh in the foreground, wishing she could get her arse on the chaise. Too bad she only gets to rest beside it, on the fringes of my recycled shopping bag faux Oriental rug.

The rug, by the way, is incredibly pretty, if bright, and it suits the room so well. Bit by bit, the space is all coming together. It only took 13 years of living in this house to get my own room, but now I have it, and I'm not looking back. Again, no regrets. And no rug shampoo, 'cause the plastic rug can be laid out on the lawn and hosed off if it gets dirty, or one of the dogs decides to take a revenge piddle. It was a bargain, too, at $89.00 for full room-size. Click here if you're intrigued.

Well, there's a chaise calling my name again, and a vest that needs to be finished. Yeeeeee-haaaaaaa.....

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