Thursday, April 30, 2009

More new yarns in my store!

I'm having too much fun again, folks. Here's the evidence. If any of it grabs you, please visit Mad Angel Creations.I had hoped to post a video from my recent vacation in Maine, when I actually plied some yarn off the upper deck at the Inn on the Harbor, on my (formerly Mali's) Golding spindle. However, until I can figure out how to re-orient the video so you don't have to lie on your side to watch it, you'll just have to chuckle at the thought of it. But the upper deck is a good 10 to 12 feet from the lower deck, so I had that sucker going for awhile, and I kept it going, and got a nice 2-ply fingering weight for my efforts. What fun!

I also completely neglected to take any pictures when I paid a visit to Maiysha's home studio, Zebisis Designs. Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store! Unbelievable stuff everywhere I turned, but the one thing I really wish I had thought to dig the camera out for was the "Welcome Mad Angel" written in the dust on the rear window of Maiysha's van, to let me know I had found the right place. I'm still chuckling at that. It was an awfully sweet thing to see upon arrival, when we really weren't sure if we had got to the right place or not.

I got some gorgeous fiber to spin, which will probably be the first treat I allow myself when I'm done with NH Sheep & Wool, and acquired a couple of new spindles -- green opal for me and a malachite/grass agate for a friend who probably thinks I forgot about it a long time ago. So, it will be a nice surprise indeed when I finally send it out!

Anyone coming to the NH Sheep & Wool festival this year? I am in my usual location, where people are guaranteed NOT to find me, in the Kimball Dairy Barn. This may be my last year participating in the Festival, as my request for a better location has not been honored. I'm still hoping to do better this year, as I have been putting lots of effort into my products, but I'm not letting myself get too excited. I figure, if I don't expect too much, maybe good things will happen, and I will be pleasantly surprised, and will consider returning next year.

If it goes the way it has the last two years, though, it just isn't worth the trouble. It's far easier to be an online presence, and put money I spend on iffy booth rentals back into acquiring good stock people will love.

I'm not really as down about it all as I sound, and if I don't vend next year, there's a lot to be said for spending a day at the festival and simply...enjoying myself. Though I do love meeting the folks who stop by my booth, even if they are all spent-out by the time they find me, and would miss that interaction. It's always nice to see what other fiber fiends are up to!

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