Friday, October 23, 2009

Long Time No Update

Wish I was Here, though perhaps not right now, when it's gotten awfully cold in Massachusetts, and so must be even worse in Northern Maine. These pics were taken in August, in Baxter State Park, during a week of Record High Temps in Maine. honestly, I have all the luck. Go someplace cool in the heat of high summer and walk right into totally non-typical weather in Vacationland. Well, at least there was one day when it was cool enough (sort of) to hike.
Can I remember the name of this spot now? Heck, no, but it sure was pretty, even though Daphne and I had both been stung by the same hornet by the time this pic was snapped. Dang thing bounced off my hand and on to her shoulder. Lesson learned by Daphne: don't tailgate Mom on a hike in the woods.
Then Daphne took a pic of me and Keith.
Now on to some recent spinning. One bobbin of Gray Cotswold, and one of a luscious BFL roving from Infinite Spirals. It was called Sand & Sea, and I couldn't resist, even though it was the last 2.5 ounces. I decided to ply it with the Cotswold to maximize my yardage.

And here's the plied skein, which is rather highly energized and still needs a wash.6.15 ounces, 490 yards. Looks like it might be a great sock yarn, as the twist is really tight. I'll see what it's like after it has had its bath.

All through with the final edit of Doubtful Sound and am now contemplating how to tackle writing a synopsis. I really should have one written before I start sending out query letters. Also contemplating how to compose a heart-stoppingly thrilling query letter that will make some Big Publisher shout, "This woman is a genius! We must publish her NOW!"

Well, I can dream, can't I? LOL.


Alison said...

That so brings back memories from my childhood of a hike we did in Maine. SO gorgeous there. Glad you got to go!

And the yarn is beautiful. Good luck with the query letter! "I, Paula, being of Sound mindfulness..."

--AlisonH at

Donna said...

Great pictures - especially with the weather getting colder now. Looks like you had a great time!