Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Before I Forget...

I think I had better document a couple of recipes I just invented! I have a tendency to forget what I put in when I make something divine, so every time I try to recreate it, it comes out differently. Not always better, though!

Hubby says I make the best tuna salad in the Universe, and tonight's is especially good, since the tuna base is leftover cold grilled tuna steak from a couple of nights ago. (But I did add a can of albacore as well, and you could easily get away with using four cans of that if you don't have the fresh stuff on hand.)

So, roughly 24 ounces of tuna, dried dill, dried tarragon, a generous dash of celery salt, a small onion, a few stalk of celery, a big handful of walnut meats, and enough mayo to hold it all together. Toss all the ingredients in the food processor and pulse until all is chopped fine and throughly blended. It will have more of a pate consistency than the tuna salad one gets in sandwich shops, and is fabulous on a nice crusty artisan bread with a little romaine lettuce.

I also made some stuffed eggs to go with the tuna sandwiches, and the filling is absolutely to die for, even if I do say so myself! Hard boil as many eggs as you think you'll eat in a sitting. Cool, peel, cut in half, and put yolks in the food processor bowl. Now add as many olives as you feel like pitting. (I used Nicoise olives, so I think maybe about a dozen of these got done before I was sick of pitting them.) Add a healthy splash of some nice vinegar (I used cider, but any will do) and a small handful of fresh garden herbs. (The ones I used today were Basil and Nasturtium leaves -- yum!) Throw in enough mayo to hold all together and blend thoroughly. Stuff eggs and refrigerate for an hour or so. Man, o man! I sampled the filling and it was purely out of this world. Can't wait to see what it tastes like when it has had time to chill.

I know I still owe folks a Scotland update or two or three. I am still sorting all my pics and also waiting for a disc of photos our wonderful organizer is sending. (Looking forward to it, Liz!)

I will be starting a separate Scotland blog, since it seems I have run out of picture space in this locale. Weird! Will post a link shortly and see if it works.

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