Monday, December 31, 2007

New Rory Gallagher Scarf

I have been in Maine since Friday evening, and was able to finish my latest Rory Gallagher scarf this afternoon. Mind, this has not been blocked yet, nor is it the color I want it to be yet. However, The firstborn assured me that today I received a package in the mail, and I'm guessing it probably contains the Jacquard dyes I ordered, so......when I get home and have a minute or two to myself, I will be dyeing this BLUE.
I used KnitPicks Bare Merino DK and size 5 needles, and ended up using about 2-1/4 skeins. So, when I get this pattern written out, I figure 600 yards of any DK weight yarn should be more than enough.
Here I am, modeling the scarf in our sitting room in the hotel in Stonington, and unfortunately having a Weird Hair Day.

I hadn't knitted this pattern in a long time, so re-doing it now enabled me to dispense with a couple of twist cables I didn't really need, and thus keep the focus on the cables that pertain to Rory. The diamond motif is called Homes of Donegal. Rory was born in Ballyshannon in Donegal. The cables flanking the diamond motif are "Cork Cables." Rory spent a goodly portion of his non-traveling time in that city, and most folks still consider him to have been a Cork native.
I definitely think DK weight is the way to go with this scarf. The one I made a few years ago, from fingering weight Shetland, seemed it would never end as I worked on it, and worsted weight proved way too much of a good thing.

Ultimately, this will go to a stateside friend from the Black 47 tour, who is doing me a big music-related favor. I don't think he'll mind being a guinea pig for the latest version of this project.

I'm awfully pleased with the way it came out, and know it will look even better after dyeing and blocking.

What to knit next? Decisions, decisions....

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