Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daniel's Scarf

This is not an easy thing to photograph. Drat me and my fondness for heathery yarns.

Every inch of this yarn was spindle spun and spindle plied. About 8 ounces worth. I think I had maybe 10 to 15 feet of this yarn left when the scarf was finished. The pattern is, once again, a seaman's scarf variant of the Persephone scarf originally designed by smarieknits. I just love the cables in this pattern.
I think it was August or September when I began spindling. It was how I kept myself busy in the waiting area while my mother was doing her cardiac rehab. This was three days a week, and we would be there, usually, close to an hour and a half. I met some nice people while I was waiting, and enjoyed talking with them, yet never allowed my hands to be idle. At first, the spindle drew a lot of comments and questions, and then people got used to it, and enjoyed watching me as much as I enjoyed the spinning.

The finished skein sat in the stash mellowing for a bit, and I forgot about it for awhile, until my friend Daniel and I started talking more and getting to know each other better. I knew his birthday was coming up in March, and I knew I wanted to make him which blue? Which yarn?

And then I remembered.

He wears a lot of blue. His eyes are blue. I wasn't sure I would have enough yarn. I bought more roving in the same colorway, just in case, and thought MAYBE I would just make it...

Luckily, Daniel is not a terribly tall person. I had enough yarn. He loves the scarf. Pay no attention to the glare from my flash. And happy belated birthday, Daniel. Better late than never.

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