Sunday, January 18, 2009

But seriously, folks...

I have reached my first goal. 25 lbs down, and 75 lbs to go. It still seems insurmountable, but I can fit comfortably into a smaller trouser size, and that feels pretty darn good!

Still no working out at the gym, as my hip is still somewhat "out." Some days are worse than others, sad to say, but I can use an exercise bike at home now, so at least I'm getting some activity that way, plus I make myself get up and move at work as much as possible.

If the snow ever goes away, I might be able to give up the cane completely. At the moment, with winter in full force, it saves me falling in the street and tripping on stairs, and I've gotten used to it. If it has to become a permanent fixture, though, I want a "cool" cane. Something carved and aristocratic, or maybe crazy and colorful. Metallic purple, anyone?


Iris said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Glad the hip is better, too. MrDubyah says, let's buy her a box of chocolates in celebration but I think we'll skip that.

He doesn't know it yet but he and I are next. (Did I say that a month ago? I really mean it this time.)

cindy said...

Yes!!!!! Keep up the good work. It's hard, but it makes us feel good.