Monday, May 16, 2005

Fleece Sins and Confession!

I made a mistake, but it's not irremidiable.

I came home from NH Sheep & Wool with the proverbial Three Bags Full. One black Corriedale, One gray Romney, and one white Romney. I mean, I am Woman, I have a Drum Carder. Right???

I dutifully washed up a good-sized clump of the Corriedale, laid it out to dry, and this afternoon at 1 PM sharp, I set up my work table with clean fiber, hackle, and drum carder.

1-1/2 hours later I had a whopping ONE OUNCE batt, and not a very nice batt at that. [sigh]

Corriedale seems to hold beaucoup loads of grease. Words cannot fully express how much I LOATHED trying to card it. No one must EVER allow me to leave a wool fair with big bags of fleece again! Tie me up, confiscate my bags, and take them to Zeilinger's. PLEASE!!!!!!

Needless to say, I will be sending my boxes out very soon. Even if it takes 3 months (which is pretty much what they said when I called today), it's not like I don't have tons of other stuff to do in the interim. And I know I will LOVE my new fleeces when they are fresh, clean Roving.

Hubby the engineer encountered an electric spinner and wanted me to take a look. So, I looked, I tried, I bought. I now have a brand-new Roberta with jumbo bobbins, especially for plying. I have yet to try it for singles, as I think I would really prefer to do singles on a manual wheel. But this will help me a great deal with all the plying work I have on hand.

Above is a nice picture Phoebe took of Daphne with a Furry friend!

The kids are still clamoring for an Angora rabbit...

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LauraJ said...

My housemate, whose possibly a nutter, but a good spinner, is spinning her Corriedale in the grease.

Otherwise, I agree with you. I washed one fleece FOUR times and guess what it still is?

Angora rabbits need more upkeep than I have braincells. Would they like to try a Jersey Woolie first? I hear they don't mat.