Thursday, May 19, 2005

I Dyed Again...

The white silk roving keeps calling to me, so when all else fails...DYE!!! Today I chose some orange, and as you can see, even wet, it is gorgeous! The subtle variegations never cease to amaze me.

There was, as usual, plenty of dye left in the pot when the roving was done, so rather than waste it, I grabbed 400 yds of white mohair/nylon and threw it in. Never mind the fact that I had not presoaked or mordanted it. What the heck, just toss it in and see what happens. It will be done in half an hour or so, and it looks like it's sucking up the "exhaust" beautifully, and EVENLY. What an adventure!

Below, the roving. Above, another amusing pic from NH Sheep & Wool. With any luck at all, I may actually be a vendor there next year! What a great excuse to hang around for more than a few hours. [grin]

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