Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Now, THIS is more like it...

I am now officially happy and ready to start knitting for the afternoon. This is what I was aiming for when I got "Mallard" and "Willow" from the same dyepot last week. This one is "Mallard 2," and there are 5 200-yard skeins that all resemble each other pretty closely, despite the slight shade variegations. I'll be putting them up for sale on eBay tomorrow.

Seamus' sweater is almost ready for assembly, so guess what I'm likely to be doing at the knit-in tonight? [grin] I can't wait to see what it will look like as a whole garment. I mean, yes, I have more than a vague notion of this, but I still have a need to see it in one piece.

I finally managed to sell my Stars in the Night Sky shawl. Seems that one of my fellow choristers was perusing the eBay store and knew she would buy one of the shawls. It just took her a little while to decide if she wanted "Stars" or the purple mohair one. It is actually being given as a Christmas present! I'm thrilled that my work is viewed as being special enough for such an important occasion.

Larry loved his Fraternal Socks. I was able to give them to him after all, because the yarn relaxed after the socks were washed, and then they seemed "right." He was looking forward to wearing them in the van for the ride home after the show.

What a schedule! I don't think these fellas ever actually leave a venue until well after 2 AM, and then they have to go all the way back to New York City. What a great show, though. And one of the opening acts featured a really great lady trombonist who was invited up to jam with Fabulous Freddie Parcells during Black 47's part of the show. What a nice treat, to hear two great 'bone players going at it with such great gusto! I couldn't see much of anything from my spot at the merch table, but I could sure hear everything. Fantastic.

I should go knit now, but I feel like I need a nap, and I think that the nap and a Corgish Cuddle are going to win...

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