Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hip, hip, owOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

The workout thing I began has been temporarily derailed, though I am sticking with the Weight Watchers diet. Seems I fell prey to Fat Old Lady Working Out Too Hard Too Soon syndrome, and have managed to mess up a muscle in my left hip, or some such. I must now lay low throughout the remainder of December, and stay off my feet as much as possible, so whatever is wrong has time to heal.

The good news is, a trip to the local ER for x-rays revealed that there was no fracture, no osteoporosis, and no arthritis. I never took a fall or anything, but my joints have all been bothering me since that first no pain, no gain workout walk on Thanksgiving day, and I aggravated things further by working out intensely at Curves, despite the pain. (I do not blame Curves at all, only my own stupidity...)

Monday morning, after a brutal weekend of choir practices, on my feet the entire time with no respite, I could hardly walk up the stairs to get into my workplace. Since I am asthmatic and have therefore used steroids quite a bit in the last 25 years -- not constantly, but enough to make me anxious about weakened bones and joints -- I decided to take my co-worker's advice and get it checked out. Thank God it's nothing serious, but it does hurt like hell, and only lying down on a heating pad, not moving, seems to help. I have been sitting up way too much today, after returning to work and then visiting with a friend who came by to see me today, and at the moment my usually trusty codeine pills aren't even touching the pain.

Well, I will go to bed in an hour or so, and be sure to rest when I get home from work tomorrow.

So, any of my knitting pals from RI, if you were wondering what happened to me,that caused me to pull a no-show on Tuesday night, now you know. I should be able to drive out next Tuesday, once I can quit taking Codeine.

P.S. -- I have finally resigned from choir. It's been a long time coming. Why do I hear Ritchie Havens singing "Freedom" in my head? Hmmmmm....


Rawry said...

Hope you're feeling a little better! Oddly enough I'm now also having to rest as I messed up my knee at the gym the other day, but it doesn't sound nearly as painful as your hip!

Glad you don't have osteoporosis, too. My mom was recently diagnosed with that, and it has drastically affected her life in just the past year :(

Anyway, keep well!

Alison said...

Make a joyful noise! Anywhere, anytime, c'mon over to my place and we'll sing a grand old time together.

--AlisonH at