Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Points - no knitting

So, after seeing the pics of me circulating on various websites since my trip to meet Alison Hyde in Vermont a few weeks ago, I realized I had to do something about my weight. I honestly don't know how the entire state of Massachusetts glued itself to my arse, but it did. My doctor told me all my recent tests came up "normal" (though he neglected to send the numbers from my TSH test). Then he went on to say that I need not complain further about feeling unwell until I had shed some pounds and begun a workout program. I was VERY depressed for a good solid week, and in that state, last Tuesday in fact, I joined Weight Watchers online and proceeded to Count Points.

Yes, that's right. Two days before Thanksgiving, I joined Weight Watchers and started Counting Points.

O, my friends, can you IMAGINE how difficult it is to fit Thanksgiving Dinner into a 29 points a day allowance? It was pathetic, truly pathetic. You should have seen me, dutifully measuring out a 1/4 cup portion of stuffing. Ditto for the squash and green bean casseroles, and only one slice of turkey, no skin of course, and a wee bit of gravy. Then I made sure my piece of pumpkin pie was ONLY a half, with one scoop of fat free frozen yogurt. For snacks, I grazed on raw veggies and fat free dip. Oh, I was so good. Oh, I worked so hard. And I totally blew my points for the day anyway, but only to the tune of about 38. I spent some cheating points and swapped my activity points. Most other days, I do not even get up to 29 points, so I figure it will all balance out in the end.

I have also joined Curves again. I had good luck with that program in the past, and I do like that it takes up such a small amount of time per day. Also, I find that circuit training keeps me from getting bored. I don't have time for that, hopping from station to station every 30 seconds.

Now, if I want to take a walk, it can be for pleasure rather than -- oh, damn, I have to go walk now or won't get any activity points today.

Seriously -- confession time here -- I need to lose slightly under 100 lbs. I hope this diet/exercise thing works. According to the body mass index, I shouldn't weigh more than 144.5 lbs. The last time I saw that weight was 1980, and I had to starve myself to get there. So, if I can get down under 200, maybe I'll feel encouraged enough to go further.

I really don't want to have a gastric bypass. Ever. I just want to be "normal." Whatever that means.

I do feel a lot better already since I started all this. Sometimes making a decision and saying, enough already! makes one feel more in control. I feel thinner, too, even if it doesn't really show yet. Energy level is much improved. It can only get better, right?

The points system is wonderful. So many different foods to choose from, and great recipes on the website. You can even write you own recipes, program them in, and their tracking system will magically tell you how many points are in each serving. Surprisingly, I have not been hungry, or felt even remotely deprived.


Alison said...

Oh, hey, I'd have started the day after Thanksgiving--you're far more dedicated than I could be. And if you're looking at the photos, goodness, did you see how my hair came out? Driver's license-worthy that day! So don't be too self-conscious about them; you're definitely in good company in the photography department.

Far more important than the pictures, I am so glad you came. I'm so glad I got to meet you. Thank you! (And your lovely yarn was a dark chocolate ganache coating on the cake.)

--Alison Hyde at

Iris said...

I so need to jump on this bandwagon with you. Wish we lived closer to each other - I could use a walking partner. I used to have a neighbor who would walk with me at 6:00 a.m. every day (best time for both of us back then). We did this for three years, and I lost weight and maintained it without even thinking about it.

Today I will go borrow a friend's dog and walk around the pond at Lincoln Woods. That's a start. But the food thing - that's the hardest, I agree. Yes, and once you get started, you DO feel immediately better, begging the question - why do we choose not to feel better?

Rawry said...

Hey, hope you don't me finding your blog from Ravelry and commenting! Just wanted to show my support and encouragement. I know it seems like a huge thing now, but WW is great! You shouldn't feel deprived or hungry, so it's much better than a lot of crash diets as it's sustainable.

As a confession, last summer I was pushing toward 300 pounds, and now I'm at about 210 and still dropping, so it is possible!

judy said...

good for you, Paula! I'll be cheering you on.