Monday, June 01, 2009

In this Litigious Society...

I'm wondering if our local Wool Festivals are going to become Things of the Past for small vendors. Each and every one is now requiring liability insurance for participants, and my insurance agent just informed me that I must buy a commercial policy from a commercial agent in order to have this coverage. I can't just bump my personal umbrella or homeowners' up to the next level for a few days a year.

I am such a tiny vendor, with a tiny inventory and an equally tiny profit margin. I just don't see how I can possibly afford a whole separate insurance policy for a business I run publicly from a 10' x 10' booth two days a year.

I'm afraid the Death Knell has rung for Mad Angel Creations, as far as festival participation goes. I intend to maintain an online presence as long as I can, but am saddened to know selling face to face is probably not going to be possible anymore.

So much for small, independent business enterprises. [sigh]

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Alison said...

Our city is having a city-wide yard sale to help keep stuff out of landfills, and the ever so helpful very small local paper proclaimed that each seller would, by virtue of the ill-conceived consumer act whose name escapes me, be personally liable for every conceivable possibility of each item. Good grief, it's a garage sale!

That insurance requirement is a reaction I'm sure to that same law, and it's good intentions gone totally nutso.