Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Electric Hula Hoop Socks and Better Sweater Pic

So, here they are. The Electric Hula Hoop socks which you saw awhile back, still in dyed sock blank form. I can't quite believe the way they came out identical, but I suppose that stands to reason, given that the blanks are knitted double, so I was dyeing two strands simultaneously. I am very pleased with the way these came out, and will paint more blanks in the not-too-distant future.
Side 1
Side 2

Then we have a better shot and a still bigger piece of the Inishmaan sweater. This shows the stitches well, and is a fairly good representation of the color.
The first time I made this sweater -- fifteen years ago! -- it was THE hardest project I had ever tackled. It took me six months to make it, and that was with pretty constant daily knitting. I started this one about a week ago, and am 3 repeats into the front central cable. What I learned between then and now was how to manage chart reading, to memorize smaller patterns, and to read my knitting better. I can't believe how fast this is going! It really did seem an insurmountable challenge Way Back When. I didn't know half what I know now.

Also, the first sweater was knitted in the largest size. The new one will be in the smallest size. It will still be huge, because this is an oversized, boxy garment. But I am daring to do the smallest one because it shows I have some slight confidence that this weight will not only stay off, but I will continue to lose for awhile yet, and once I have reached goal, by God, I will STAY there!!! (Or die trying...)

Off now to try on my new, smaller size Levi's. True, they are the womens' version at the moment, but one of these days soon, I hope to ge my arse into a pair of 501s again. There is something about the look of guys' Levi's that ladies' Levi's just don't have. But I'll happily settle for the ladies' version for now. It has been at least ten years since I have fit into Levi's of any variety, so I am psyched!

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