Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some New Handspun and Sweater Beginnings

I haven't been good about showing any of my handspun yarns in a long time, so here goes. The two rovings came from Copperpot Woolies on Etsy. Some of my spinning friends fall prey to the temptations of this woman's work more often than I do. For me, Copperpot's stuff is a special splurge sort of treat, kind of like fine chocolate is for some other folks I know and love. (Hi, Alison...)

First up is a gorgeous concotion called "Night Moves." I forgot what fibers it was made up of, but it practically spun itself, and the touch of glitz is delightful.

Next we have another Copperpot delight called "Bar Harbor Blitz." How could I resist that? I, who have spindle-spun at the summit of Cadillac Mountain!
Don't believe me, eh? Here is and my first sure was a beautiful day!
And not that I have a competitive streak or anything like that, but in this case, let me say Carrie Mac has inspired me to tackle Starmore's "Inishmaan" again. I hope I'll be forgiven for substituting and using a yarn I had in Ye Olde Stash, some cone of tweedy stuff I bought at Webs a few years ago. I think it's Brora Softspun, but I honestly don't remember, and the receipt for purchase was lost in the paper trail aeons ago. I always choose the worst colors to photograph, but there it is. I will try again by daylight when I have a larger bit of work to show. It's a much easier knit 15 years later, when I have a better clue of what I am doing when I sit down with a complex pattern.Because it's called "Inishmaan," it's a nice way to connect with my "Doubtful Sound" people when the Muse is not with me. It hasn't been of late, but that's all right. There's been too much confusion and bustle around here in recent weeks. To be visited by the Muse in the midst of that would have been TORTURE. I would not have had the time to pay attention!

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