Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey, my peeps...

Just a heads-up to say I am trying to show bigger and better pics of new Etsy Store additions on my other blog, the strictly business-related Mad Angel Creations.

Sad to say, it looks like another layoff is looming before me. Business is slow, and when the axe falls, it will most likely fall on me. There are other part-timers in the place, but I work the fewest hours of any of them, and I am almost thoroughly "caught up" as regards filling up the stock room with cable sets, soooo...either my hours will be cut, or I will be put on the "on call as needed" roster. This is the second time in the space of a year, so I'd really like to devote my time off this time to getting Mad Angel Creations up and running for real, on a larger scale. If I can do that successfully, then perhaps I can quite my day job, so to speak. I love it, but I hate the quixotic nature of manufacturing in these dismal economic times. I at least have a "fall back" with Mad Angel Creations. Most of my co-workers do not, and other jobs are so scarce now. I would hate to see people who really and truly need their jobs lose them, while I stayed on. Better I should go than any of them, much as I like the work and would be sad to give it up.

Practice makes perfect, and I suspect I will have lots of time to do so, and have been at the drum carder already today. Also, a batch of Brown Sheep Naturespun fingering weight sits soaking, waiting to go into a kettle of black dye. Seems like they do not do black, according to their color card on their website, so I'm trying to see if I can overdye. If I get good results, there is a need for this. Ideal for Grace Ennis patterns, for those of you who like to do her wonderful, vintage socks.

Back to the carder, and do watch and for updates!

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