Friday, March 27, 2009

Datsany's Sweater

My sister and I have been working to design a sweater for her grand-daughter/my grand-niece since the beginning of January. Originally, I was to do the design work, using stitch motifs my sister liked, but as I got into it, I realized we'd never get anywhere if I didn't just knit it myself, to make sure I hadn't made any mistakes in the pattern. I figured, since my sister is not as fast a knitter, that I would hit the mistakes long before she did, and be able to fix them. So, of course there were a few, but now I am very close to done.

The yarn is "Golden," and you can learn more about it and the other fabulous colorways by visiting Pagewood Farm.
My pattern calls for my own hand-dyed DK weight yarn, and that's what my sister is using. However, when I began working on this project over New Year's in St. Paul, I did not have ready access to my stash. So, what's a yarnaholic with a mission to do? I thought you'd agree. Yes, indeed, the solution was to BUY MORE YARN!!!! The color was perfect, and I couldn't resist, although it was a laceweight, which necessiated the purchase of two humungous skeins, so I could knit with a double strand and also be guaranteed to have enough yarn to finish what I started. All I have left to do now is one sleeve, and a crocheted picot edging on all the Feather & Fan parts.There will be a LOT of this yarn leftover, and I'm reasonably certain it is going to become something gorgeous and lacy for moi. Oooh!

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Alison said...

It's coming out beautifully!