Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moonwood Farm Roving Report!

So, I succumbed to the temptations of yet another Phat Phiber participant's store. This is 3 ounces of "Disturbia" batts from Roo at Moonwood Farm. I think I got it in the mail on Thursday -- verrrrrrrry fast shipping! -- and began spinning it yesterday afternoon.
I spun about 2-1/2 oz of singles at my friend's spin-in today, then plied it all together to make this beautiful 2-ply laceweight yarn.
I just skeined this and found out I have 331 yards. People, this is 3 ounces' worth of fiber! Pretty durn good yield, if you ask me! I will probably make myself something nice and lacy. Maybe a Morning Surf scarf? And maybe I'll get frisky and add some clear, sparkly beads?
The fiber blend is 75% alpaca, 25% soy silk, plus some "Night" firestar and Silver Angelina for sparkle. I am so pleased with it!

Thank you, Roo! I'll be back....

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