Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is Paula Wearing?

I am not trying to copycat my friend, James, but couldn't resist saying What Is Paula Wearing, because this is the closest thing you'll ever see to designer fashion on this body.
I bought this suit in Galway in 2005. It's a silk/polyester blend, heavy on the silk. I probably paid more for this outfit than any other garment I own, except my wedding dress. I did not want to come home from Ireland with yet another Aran sweater, when I am perfectly capable not only of knitting, but designing, my own, and doing it with no-name quality yarns on the cheap.Anyway, I haven't worn this too often in the last five years, though it is made of a very "forgiving" fabric. (I.e., it stretches to accomodate my arse, even when said arse is larger than it is now.) But before I lost weight, this outfit made me look "matronly." At 47, I might be of the proper age to be considered "matronly," and I have had two kids, but...

"Matronly." Sheesh! I refuse to go there yet. I'm still painting the gray away, too. I like being a redhead a bit too much. Some of my roots were coming in WHITE. Eventually, I'll let it happen, I guess, but not yet. Not yet...

Anyway, I'm thrilled to death that it feels so good to wear this outfit again. My daughter Phoebe has one in spring green, which she has never worn and probably never will, and I am about to commandeer that one as well. It will make a fine Easter outfit.

How apropos. I do feel as if I'm rising from the dead, after all. By this time next year, I hope, literally, to be half the woman I used to be!

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Alison said...

It's absolutely gorgeous and so are you. Congratulations on the weight loss! That outfit looks wonderful on you.