Sunday, March 08, 2009

I Found an Old Friend Again!

As often happens with so many of us, I had a good friend in my last year of high school, with whom I shared a locker and spent hours working beside in Crafts class, and once I graduated, I think we saw each other once, a year or two later. Time went by, and I found him again, thanks to, and we corresponded briefly. As usual, life intervened, and I never did have a chance to keep up any kind of regular correspondence, though I thought of him often.

Life takes funny twists and turns sometimes, and I happened to run into his sister yesterday. One of those friend of a friend of a friend scenarios, and we got to chatting, and she told me about her brother's blog.

Well! Needless to say, I googled for it promptly when I got home, and was delighted to find my old friend, who had always had a great sense of aesthetics and style, has an even greater sense of it now, as well as a grand sense of humor, and he certainly seems nowhere near as shy and quiet as he was so many years ago. I am delighted, and looking forward to staying in touch better this time around. My kids are older, and I have a little more time on my hands than I did a few years ago.

Please enjoy his blog, What Is James Wearing? He really looks fabulous -- and happy -- and I'm happy for him!

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