Saturday, May 15, 2010

All of My Senses, and More Yarn Pics

I did not know this video even existed , but just found it on You Tube. This is the very first solo piece I ever heard from Grant Hart. The song is beautiful on its own, but with the video images, it's even more so, and so mysterious. I've always thought about all the verbal images that fly past, and let my imagination run with them. Now, this precious glimpse into Grant's vision, twenty years ago. The song moves me as much now -- maybe more -- than it did back then.

Oh, and I have started my hat. The skein weighed 7.35 oz and contained approximately 325 yards. It is making a wonderful, cushy, thick fabric, and will be so warm. I might even have enough to make two hats, in which case I will very likely gift one back to the giver.

A thank you letter is on its way via snail-mail as I type. I promised myself I would not play with the yarn until the letter had been written and sent. Done!

I am still awed, amazed, and dazed...
Look at how HUGE a ball the skein turned into!
Here's the beginning of my hat, the first 20 or so garter ridges of the band.
And a close-up so you can see the lovely texture of the yarn.

Grant purports to know nothing about knitting, but I think he knows more than he realizes, thanks to his artist's eyes and aesthetic sense. His choice was brilliant, wasn't it? Much as I want to make the pleasure of the knitting last, I'm really looking forward to wearing the finished hat as soon as possible!

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