Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Pentecost!

I should have brought a camera and had hubby photograph me in action, drumming, but I didn't think of it. Too nervous about making my public debut, I guess. But pics may surface at some point, as one of our parishioners was going about with a camera while a bunch of us drummed on the sidewalk after the service, outside the church.
I had to sing in choir this morning as well, so had some interesting presto-change-o moments during the service, as I simply refused to drum in my choir robes. I wore them when I sang, but when I was drumming, I wanted to look like a drummer. And this outfit makes me feel like a drummer.
I was allowed to keep the headscarf on even when I was vested, which I appreciated, even though my daughter did nothing but laugh at me and call me "Rambo."

Daughter and hubby are NOT fond of the drumming, nor does it interest them, but my daughter's boyfriend likes to play, and I think we are going to be great drumming buddies.

It has been quite the weekend for drumming, beginning with a circle in Providence on Friday night -- 4 hours long! Yikes! And then a good 45 minutes this morning, and another hour for a lesson this afternoon. I think I won't play now for a couple of days. My hands are pretty well bruised and in desperate need of a rest.

One of these days, I should really get to a point where I do not feel compelled to drum with the vigor of a hyperactive, 25-year-old man!

At least I have not managed to add any new bloodstains to my drum head...

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