Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Woolly Surprise!

This lovely skein of yarn arrived in my mailbox today, a total surprise, completely out of the blue.
The return address said Minnesota, but the letter enclosed said the yarn had been purchased from a street vendor in Belgrade, Serbia.
It looks to be handspun, is a heavy weight 2-ply, and smells delightfully sheepy. It will be, I'm relatively certain, one of Jared Flood's "Quincy" hats, since the yarn is intended to be made into something for me. It's browner than the pics show: so rustic and beautiful.
No, I do not personally know anyone who lives in Belgrade, Serbia, but I do have a friend who traveled there recently, who wore the hat I made for him while playing a concert in that city.

God bless you, Grant Hart. You really and truly made my day. Thanks for thinking of me. I love, love, LOVE this yarn!!!!!!

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Iris said...

What a lovely story. How happy this must have made you!